VirtueMart 3.2: Cached & Optimized - A Huge Step in VirtueMart Development

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VirtueMart 3.2, is also known as VirtueMart 3.0.20 Candidate is a big upgrade in VirtueMart development with lots of extremely improvements. It is not a stable version, so, please backup your site before testing it with your live website....

OS Touch Slider 3.0

Author: ordasoft

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Day by day OrdaSoft Extensions are getting better and today we are glad to present you a new version of the Joomla slideshow OS Touch Slider with the important and necessary updates! Now in our Joomla 3 slideshow you can use Import and Export functions. Import/Export features of our Joomla responsive slider allow you to save your creative slides an...

DJ-MediaTools updated to version 2.9.1

Author: DJ-Extensions

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We have just released the updated version of DJ-MediaTools! New version resolves the problem with pictures often reported by smartphone users. DJ-MediaTools now reads the data and rotates the image to be displayed same way it would be displayed on the device. This 2.9.1 version of Joomla gallery extension brings also 3 fixes - learn more about them...

New Ajax App for DJ-Classifieds!

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We've just released a new app for DJ-Classifieds - Ajax. It adds super possibilities for Joomla classified ads component. Now the users can filter the search without site reloading. It also applies to searching, ordering, filtering and pagination. The Ajax Search App for DJ-Classifieds is easy to install and it changes completely the way you intera...

NNew FREE Joomla extension is here! Check DJ-League

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We are looking for testers for DJ-League free Joomla extensions 1.0 version beta We would like to give it some real tests before we can provide a quality product. DJ-League is a free sports Joomla extensions created as a leagues management solution. Check the demo, download it and share your thoughts in comments....

Joomla! 3.7.0 Alpha 2 released

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We have now released the Alpha 2 version of the new 3.7 release. We moved the date a week to include some more features and now we think we have all features merged. That doesn't mean that all is perfectly running. There are issues to fix and we need a lot more testing. But we are thinking that the state is good enough that we can publish the versi...