KeenIT Responsive Price Table - Joomla module

KeenIT Responsive Price Table (component+module) will help you to generate pricing table in the dynamic and easiest way.

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Author:Keen IT Solution
Category: Free Joomla Modules,News Display
Version Extension: 2.0
Downloads: 60
License: GNU/GPL


  This component has the following options to set:- CSS3 hover animation- Multicolor select option- Plan Title- Price- Price table item Header start color picker- Price table item Header End color picker- Price subtext(For showing the something about input price)- Details- Button text( For setting the price plan item link to external link, suppose : contact us)- Button Link- Button Background color picker - Features(Have option for setting multiple feature option) Module Features:- Have option for selecting specific category. If you will select specific category it will show that category price table items. Also have the setting option of the component. Please check the documentaion page.Updated 2.0.0 (20 June 2015)-Added module for this component-fixing Joomla 3.4 compatible issuesUpdated 2.0.0 (09 March 2015)-According to category, you can show your price tables- From menu you can show all price tables- From menu you can show single category price table- Now you can show more than 5 price table items per row.CautionIf anyone used old version, you have to uninstall that version then need to install new version, because updated version completely new.


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