Joomla Body Mass Index Calculator Module (BMI)

If you are running health or weight loss related website based on Joomla and would like to have a body mass index calculator on your site, here is a free module that will do the job for you. The module will display the BMI based on the height and weight of the person, no age is required for this module. It works for woman and men, and also for children. Unfortunately the current version support only metric units (kilograms and centimeters), but I’m planning to add the possibility to switch to US units (feet, inches and pounds) as well. The module will automatically calculate the body mass index with the power of jQuery and will display it without the need to hit any submit button, so your page will not reload when user use the module. The body mass index calculator module does not has an included language file, however I designed it so user can change the name of the labels in the module parameters:

Screen Shoots
Category: Free Joomla Modules,Other
Version Extension: 3.3
Downloads: 53
License: GNU/GPL




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