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Create an attractive news wall in grid layout is easier than ever with News Grid Joomla extension. News Grid has been designed to present your grid-based layout beautifully not only on the desktop but also on any device. Powerful features but so easy to use, News Grid will be a best grid building solution for Joomla. Just few clicks and no coding required, you can quickly create the creative and unique grids to make your website stand out from the crowd. It's perfect for displaying news, blog posts, articles and anything else that can be presented with square cells.

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Hompage: http://omegatheme.com/
Category: Free Joomla Modules,News Display
Version Extension: 3.0
Downloads: 7
License: GNU/GPL


Support Responsive News Grid is packed with the latest responsive function to make your grid presented perfectly on any screensize and device. The grids are resized and rearranged automatically when scaling the window. Super easy to use OT Accordion slider produces mobile-friendly sliders which support touch and mouse swipping. The mobile user will enjoy the best experience on their own devices. Smart ajax pagination load more Instead of showing page pagination, we use special ajax pagination to load more contents only when clicking the button. It helps your grid layout look more professional and it's also a brilliant technique to reduce the load of the page. jQuery and CSS3 effect News Grid offers smooth transitions between grid and grid. The great combination between jQuery and CSS3 makes a perfect fluid web grid for your site with stunning effect. No reload if opening a grid Different from some other providers, when you click to open the grid, News Grid allows to display your content attractively in a modal window without reloading the whole EasySlider content. Longterm Support Whenever you have a question related to News Grid, feel free to raise the topic at Ometheme forum. Our experts will back to you shortly with detailed information.


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